Assistive Technology Sensory Supports

The Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program has many assistive technology devices that may assist individuals with sensory feedback. Here are some items that Easterseals Iowa has in our Assistive Technology Lending Library that may assist individuals:

Silishapes Sensory Circles are a set of 10 textured circular discs made from ultra-soft siliflexible silicon; 5 large and 5 small. On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set. Children may feel these textures and discover the differences. By placing the small circles into the feely bag provided, they may see if they can describe or predict the pattern they are feeling. Using their feet, they can walk over the large sensory circles to see if they can tell them apart. Linking the small and the large sensory circles via touch is great fun too, with or without a blindfold. (AT4ALL #166677)

Touchy Feely Flashcards are a pack of tactile word cards that may help develop sensory flashcardsawareness and picture-word recognition. Each of the twelve cards shows a picture with a tactile patch to feel, with the same picture on the other side with its label. The cards are extra large for small fingers. (AT4ALL #161815)

For more information or to schedule an onsite visit, contact the Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program by calling 1-866-866-8782 (Toll Free), or 515-289-4069 (TTY) or emailing


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