Program Spotlight: EmployAbility

DSC05393Authors: Job Developer at Easter Seals Iowa Steven Williams and Employment Specialist at Easter Seals Iowa Tyler Hansen

The EmployAbility program focuses on increasing prevocational skills, in order to prepare individuals for community-based employment. EmployAbility focuses in the areas of transportation and safety, professional dress, professional expectations, emergency procedures and job task completion. The program also supports the development of social skills and teamwork. Easter Seals Iowa partners with Des Moines area community businesses to put these skills into action. EmployAbility clients work in business settings, completing a variety of job tasks. By volunteering their time, EmployAbility clients strengthen prevocational skills, and community businesses benefit from their efforts. Here are a few of the EmployAbility rockstars!

048Olivia recently started working at the West Lakes Hy-Vee. She bags groceries and helps with the grocery drive up. Over the last year, Olivia has overcome some challenges and continues to work hard on her goals.


When she first started with the EmployAbility program she was working hard to gain more social skills. She is now thriving at her job; her managers and co-workers say she is a joy to work with. She completes all of her necessary job tasks, and does so happily. Olivia loves working and is the true meaning of a helpful smile in every aisle!

IMG_0036Jenny is working at the downtown Hy-Vee, in the bakery. She makes cupcakes, donuts, cannoli, brownies and many other baked goods. Thanks to her connections at her second job in the bakery at Plymouth Church, she was able to get connected with this job at Hy-Vee.

Jenny is doing what she loves, and she is great at it! Her co-workers say she is great at baking, and a quick learner! Hy-Vee even made special labels that say “Made by Jenny” for the protein balls she makes!

Nathan recently started working at the AMC movie theater in Johnston. He takes and sells tickets, and does concessions. Nathan says that working at a movie theater has always been his goal. He’s a big movie lover, and loves the perks of working at a theater. His co-workers say he’s fun to be around, and he’s doing a great job with all of his tasks. Way to go Nathan!IMG_0208


Kassidy works at the Ankeny Mills Fleet Farm. She really enjoys working and does a variety of tasks at the store. She is a go-to worker, and extremely independent at her job.


Mills Fleet Farm does a wonderful job providing natural supports for Kassidy through her co-workers and with accommodations that allow her to consistently perform her best.

Thank you to all of our Employment Partners who support our clients to greater independence by believing in their hopes and dreams and providing employment opportunities that meet their business goals.


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