Results from a Week-Long Water Challenge

Bio: Melanie Asbe is the Wellness Coordinator at Easter Seals Iowa. She loves spreading the good news about health and wellness.  She graduated from Iowa State with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in public health and started working for Easter Seals Iowa six years ago. DSC05162

Our recent blog post Why So Much Water shared the health benefits to drinking water and some fun ways to increase your daily intake. Easter Seals Iowa recently initiated a week-long water challenge for our team members. This challenge was not to see who could drink the most water, but instead a challenge to encourage all of us to add in additional water by being more conscious about it throughout the day. During the week, 40% of the team members who participated in the challenge reported adding additional water in place of a pop/sweetened beverage that they typically would have chosen.  We also mixed up some fruit and vegetable infused waters for team members to try at both of our locations.

Here are some comments from Easter Seals Iowa team members.


“I’m a mint person so I loved the flavored water options with mint in them. I was surprised by how flavorful they were, and I felt more energetic consistently after just a week of water! I’m encouraged by this and will continue to work on drinking more water on my own.” Henry, accounting.


“Whenever our Wellness Committee puts on a challenge, it always serves to make me more conscious in the healthy choices I’m making that week, whether it is to park farther away to get more steps, getting up and moving around every hour, or making sure I have water in my car, at my desk and a bottle in my bag.  Having wellness be a vital part of our culture has had an impact on my self-care!” Renee, Intake Coordinator

“Tracking my water intake during the water challenge was enlightening to how much water I drink on a daily basis. Although my goal was attainable, I noticed how much better I felt once I reached my goal. Throughout the week, I noticed I had more energy, less snacking, and overall clearer thinking.” Amber, Ritchhart

Carolyn 1 (2)“I really started to increase my water intake about a little over a year ago. This change helped me consume less empty calories from boredom snacking and bringing more thought into my daily diet. During this time, I never once started a formal diet, but instead small lifestyle changes. Since then, I’ve lost 25 pounds. This water challenged helped remind me of the important roll this change made in my life and how much healthier I have been for it – not to mention how much better I feel.” Carolyn Thostenson, Vocational

Nancy“I have joint problems, arthritic in nature, and I find that if I drink plenty of water each day, I suffer less pain. I really enjoyed the naturally flavored waters.” –Nancy, Administrative Assistant

“During the week of the challenge I was encouraged to drink more water and found a new product called Skinny Stix to flavor my water with.” Kayla Goeden, AIM Kayla



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